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on Dec 4, 2008 in Great Stuff

Did his light bulb just come on?

Ever since reading his third blog posting, I’ve been a big Strobist fan! So much so I put his banner on this blog right then and there because what David does for photography is so important. I have to come clean and admit I do talk with David, consider myself lucky to call him friend and enjoy our very meaningful conversations about our industry and the web. Well, David’s been thinking again and deeply, you can tell with his latest posting.

What he is proposing photographers try is actually something we did in the beginning  of our business for the reasons he talks about. We know first hand that it works if approached in a professional manor as he suggests. And in fact, to this day we still work for biologists free of charge. And it’s no secret I credit my success to the biologists I have worked worth. Give David’s piece a full read and leave a comment for him. He’s trying to help us all, he’s a really good guy (with a really odd sense of humor!)

12.05 Note: I strongly urge readers to READ past the title of the piece, THINK through what David’s saying and simply ponder it. If he’s not enough of a heavy weight to make you think about the concepts (which is not giving away your images for free), perhaps giving Chase Jarvis or Vincent Laforet a read will help with their perspective on the topic.