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on Dec 9, 2008 in Wildlife Photography

Squeeze in some shooting time

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I’m in FL at my home away from home, NAPP central (including Monday Night Football fun at Scott’s gorgeous, warm home) working on a new project. Having a great time but keeping really busy, I managed to get an hour shooting in this AM. Well, it started out just find as the sun came up, but very shortly thereafter it went down the tubes. After getting up on some Black Skimmers, a pair of elderly women came with their bag of bread. It was Alfred Hitchcock reenacted as all hell broke loose, gulls everywhere and skimmers nowhere. So there I was when this Sanderling happened by. The Moose Cam tells the rest of the story.Please excuse the foul language.

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Photo captured by D3, 600VR w/TC-14e on Lexar UDMA digital film
Moose Cam captured by P6000 on Lexar UDMA digital film