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on Dec 15, 2008 in Just Out!

Focalware, darn cool App!

I am a confirmed iPhone junkie! It’s pretty sad when during the commercials for Monday Night Football at Scott’s house, we passed around iPhones to check out the different apps we all have. One very cool one  that I couldn’t share then was just released, Focalware.

Now why might you want to buy another app for Sunrise / Sunset calculations. On the face of things and just cruising the App Store, you probably would fly by this. But if you look at the screen shot to the left, you notice it reads out degrees. When you slide you finger side to side, you can change the position of the sun, telling you at what time of day the elevation of the sun. What’s so good about that?

Well, when you get another favorite app of mine, Level by PosiMotion and put it in Surveyor Mode as pictured here, you can use the iPhone to determine the sun’s elevation. You’re still asking what’s so good about that? Well, you’re in a valley with mountains around you, or in a city center with tall buildings, using the Level, you can determine for where you’re standing when the sun will go behind that mountain or building. by reading the elevation on the Level and using Focalware. Now that’s just darn cool. I was on the beta team for this app and for quite some time now I’ve been using this very cool tool. You might just want to check it out for yourself at the App Store!