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on Dec 16, 2008 in Great Stuff

New Book – Special Invite

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I find this to be an exciting time to be a wildlife photographer. There are so many opportunities, new tools and techniques one can take to heart and take into the field to capture the wonders we are so fortunate to enjoy. So after a year of gentle prodding by friends, I’m writing a new book that is best described as a romantic how to book on wildlife photography.

While in a reflective mood in pulling together material for the book (to be released fall ’09) I started to count how many articles we’ve published, just shy of 1500. Looking over some of the titles it occurred to me that many of those articles were inspired by you, by your questions and needs in exploring wildlife photography. That’s when it occurred to me (well, someone actually suggested it) to get you involved.

What about wildlife photography, gear, techniques, biology, locales, all of the above or something else would you like to know more about? I’m writing this book to help fellow wildlife photographers /  nature photographers and I want to make sure that this book, which can be as fat as I want to make it, is chuck full of the information you need. I’ve set up a special email that will be active until the end of the year where you can drop me a note with what YOU’d like to learn. To say thanks, I’ve got 20 autographed copies of the book to give folks who have great questions. And to say additional thanks, those same folks will receive a signed print of the cover photograph. Let me hear from ya, drop me a line here (emails won’t be responded to).

And this photo, it’s the first moose I photographed with a digital camera, a D1, that had just been announced and not yet in the public hands. It seems so long ago and yet, it was just yesterday.