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on Dec 30, 2008 in Great Stuff

New Dates, YCDIT


RC and I finally got our calendars to match, the next YCDIT will be 16-19 April, 2009 held at our office in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Just what happens at YCDIT? We take pictures, we talk about the business of photography revolving around the editorial marketplace (where it all begins) and how to exploit the web in your business plan. To quote one of our last participants,

“Thank you very much for opening up your office and home to us. As with all you do, you provided more information than I ever thought could be presented in just four days, my head is still spinning. The ideas and approaches you use in your business are so obvious, once you spelled them out to us. No wonder you’ve been so successful! And that RC, his presentation on blogging and using it as a business tool was simply mind blowing! I now see why’s he’s part of the team. Thanks so much!”

If you’re wondering about what it takes to get into the biz, you’re about to get into the biz or you’re already in it and want to know how to expand during these times, there is no other photographic business workshop like this one. The price is $925 and is limited to six participants. You can register by calling Sharon at 760.924.8632.