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on Jan 8, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Then how do you meter for this?

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The metering in snow posting brought in some interesting emails, I guess I got some heads a spinnin! There are some who are still a little gray about this thing. Gray, as in the ol, “If you meter a white wall the meter will expose to make it gray.” Yeah, if the meter is 20yrs old and not connected to a computer. Not sure why some still try to teach exposure that way when, in nearly 40yrs, it still doesn’t make sense to folks. Perhaps there is something wrong with that teaching method and not with folks (just thinking out loud)?

See, I look at this scene here and I don’t see “snow” that the meter is going to turn gray so I don’t need to dial in compensation. I see a darkish subject (the Bison) in sun in snow and know the snow will act like a giant fill card (look, no shadow behind the bison, all filled in).  I’m shooting with a D3 so when the AF sensor is placed on the Bison, the computer using its Expeed 30,000 LOT will nail the exposure. I ain’t gotta do a thing, just shoot! This all works for me (which might not for you based on what YOU want to communicate) because of the LIGHT and not the snow or meter.

Don’ take my word for it, go out and learn it for yourself, your photography and your ability to read the light, That’s how YOU learn how you should expose in snow. I have my answers, you need to not only find yours, but have confidence in them to the point you don’t worry about it, just enjoy and make the most of it.

Photo captured by D3, 70-300VR on Lexar UDMA digital film