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on Jan 9, 2009 in Great Stuff

Weekend Inspiration – Chris Pondella

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There are some things you just are so use to, you take them for granted and this is definitely one of those time. Chris was out our home for dinner right before xmas, we went to his gallery opening this week and not until he emailed to say he liked and agreed with my Snow Metering blogs did it dawn on me to tell you folks about Chris.

Chris is a ~marvelous~ photographer, a really nice guy and has the sweetest wife. We first meet when we moved to Mammoth and he was a waiter and a local restaurant. It wasn’t too long before he was “pimping” me for photo tips at dinner with this sinful dessert called a Hot & Gooey, then coming to our home for help, bringing all the fixings for our own Hot & Gooey’s. He don’t need no help no mo…this is one fine shooter who all the Petersons call friend. Treat yourself to some fine photography this weekend.  I know I’ll never attempt what he does ever in my life! I mean, who goes to Antarctica to ski and photograph skiing? Chris, that’s who. Check it out. He is also in the Dec issue of PDN…congrats Chris!