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on Jan 10, 2009 in Great Stuff, Just Out!, Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life


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The DLWS staff spent a killer day out in Yellowstone Nat’l Park this day and the photogods were, very, very, good to us! We had some great opportunities, none finer to funner that our time with this gorgeous Bobcat! Na, the light wasn’t great. Na, it wasn’t that close…wait you say, that’s not close?! It’s only close when you look and this mega crop of the original.

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What you’re seeing above is a crop in post of a D3x file taken with a 200-400VR handheld at ISO 100 at 1/60 (why it’s not tack sharp, cold, wind, slow). To repeat because this quality is blowing me away, the photo was taken with a production D3x file taken with a 200-400VR handheld at ISO 100 at 1/60! OMG! The head shot was taken from this file taken at these settings. Anyone who says the D3x is overpriced, well,  they just doesn’t get it. This is a camera that produces quality revealing at the very least $20k medium format backs that can’t accept the biggest and grandest arsenal of lenses medium format can only dream of. Those who know me know I don’t crop images, not even when you have this kind of quality. Others are going to say something stupid like, “That example ain’t that great” or “If it’s so good, why doesn’t he make the whole file available for download?” But those of you who understand photography and digital will instantly be amazed by the quality of this infinitesimal section this file.

Some quick stat: D3x – ain’t cheap! D3x – 14bit, uncompressed Nef = 26MB: Tiff from said file (above) processed by NX2=143MB! 16GB card holds 426 Raw+ Jpeg, counter says 213 when card is first loaded. Cannot load D3 setting into D3x using card load option. Frames Per Second shooting 14bit, uncompressed at CH…well…..

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Final images from the D3x…freakin stunning!!!! D3x is not for everyone…NOT freakin even! Does Moose love it? Final file, hell yeah! Firing rate, crayons are faster and I can’t draw. More to come….

Photo capture D3x, 200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film