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on Jan 15, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

Nikon 45PC-E Micro

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This was a very expensive day for me! I had a whole day of shooting with the new Nikon 45PC-E micro, one very sweet lens! Just like the 24PC-E, the 45PC-E is standard lens that you have to manually focus. When the aperture ring is in the L position, you select your aperture via the sub-command dial on the body. So standard shooting is pretty much like usual.

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Shift the lens and you can keep parellel lines straight. All of these images were taken at Norris Geyser Basin shooting just the 45PC-E. I really thought before I had the lens that 45mm a real funky focal length. That’s before I shot with it and instantly I remembered enjoying shooting with the 45GN so long ago. It is a cool focal length.

Photos captured by D3, 45PC-E on Lexar UDMA digital film