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on Jan 16, 2009 in Camera Tech

feeling a little guilty

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I was so blown away by the file quality when shooting with the D3x and photographing the Bobcat, I quickly posted the images. A week later, we’ve not seen the Bobcat again and I still don’t have a D3x. I did though have a day off to go through my images with non-blurry eyes and wow, I am really impressed by the files from the D3x. Now my computer screams bloody murder as I try to push the huge files through, the final results are stunning. I thought I would post this example because I just can’t believe what I’m seeing.

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Now if you look above, you’ll see the red box for the area of the image I’ve cropped to produce the lower image. You can count the needles on that branch. I’m still amazed by this quality!

Photo captured by D3x, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film