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on Jan 16, 2009 in Camera Tech, Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

Sharpness Series #5 – Hand Holding

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It’s early morning, the first rays of the day are just striking the ground. The buck comes up from a draw, the tripod is not within reach. Can you handhold down to 1/15 and get the shot?

This movie requires Flash Player 9

It’s freezing cold out, it’s dark and your adrenaline is pumping, can you hold the lens steady (even I always can’t). But by using basic hand holding technique and practicing it so it becomes second nature, you can do it! This is a technique you should practice everyday, I do whether I’m actually shooting or in the office. It’s gotta be second nature and I’ve always prided myself to do so (feel real let down when I miss a shot because of my technique). It’s the same technique if you’re a longer lens like the 200-400VR (prong image) or shorter lens like the 70-300VR (bison photo) or even shorter like the 14-24AFS. Hope this will help by establishing good technique to hold your camera.

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The Bison photo was just taken in Yellowstone using the D3x. You can’t make it out, but the dark dots in the distance, upper right are Ravens on a old kill. We didn’t have any predators like wolves come in, but we sure did give it the old college try.