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on Jan 16, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

The 45PC-E miniature

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After doing some basic testing with the 45PC-E  (still more to go, but this is a fine lens!), I went to trying some miniatures with the 45PC-E. During this process I thought I would attempt to explain the miniature effect a little more with some sample images. In a nutshell, this effect is created when you “tilt” the lens and by doing so, you move the plane of focus, destroying the traditional plane you have with every lens. You actually narrow it to a near sliver. This photo above shows the entire scene when shot at f/2.8 (the aperture I tend to use when attempting miniatures) with the lens not shifted.

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When you tilt the lens, focus on a single point and then were to “untilt” the lens, not changing the focus, this is what you capture. An out of focus mess.

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When the lens is tilted though and you focus on a single point, the falls are sharp but nothing else in the frame. The 45PC-E is a killer lens for doing miniatures, I think because its slightly longer focal length really exagerates the effect. I’m hoping that the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone helps visually to explain the effect. If not, let me know and I will work to explain it even better.

During this process it occured to me a new camera bag to assemble and damn if it isn’t a budget buster. But the combination of the D3x, 24PC-E, 45PC-E and 85PC-E in a single bag would be a killer one for my Ultra Wide Panos. Is it too late to modify my xmas list, for last year?