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on Jan 19, 2009 in Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

Yellowstone Adv – Enough of this landscape stuff!

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Our first day was great, it consisted of mostly wildlife photography. In fact, it almost all unfolded while parked in one place for hours and hours! We entered Yellowstone with temps down to near zero which brought on hoar frost. With that, we boogied up to the thermals looking for one thing. Bison!

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We’d been there for quite some time being entertained by the Bison taking on the snow machines when we say this one loan bull off in the distance. We watched him come through the steam heading our direction. Now I’m not making this up. After coming through the steam and getting coated with ice, the bull turned around and did the whole thing all over again as if he knew that’s exactly what we wanted. He then proceeded to come right down to us.

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I mean, he saw us, crossed the Firehole River and walked right up and said hello! And, all in great light and frontlit. Hot dang, great to be photographing wildlife again! And which is my favorite image…the top one of course!

This video thing is kicking my butt I have to admit. I came back last night with 2837 images and 4GB of video. I attempted, attempted to edit both stills and video at the same time. Big mistake! You could see that in the Moose Cam posting yesterday. It’s been redone now so you can see what I was talking about (thanks RC!). A whole new work flow to learn…oh boy.

Photos captured by D3, 200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film