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on Jan 23, 2009 in Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

One of the GREAT rewards of this biz

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My good bud Jeff Cable at Lexar has been trying for years to get me into a nat’l Lexar ad. Besides my not really being comfortable in front of a lens, wildlife just doesn’t want to perform on command to produce an ad. That’s true if you’re not good friends with Brutus. This is Brutus, an amazing 7yr old grizzly bear who has his own program premiering on NatGeo TV in March, Casey & Brutus and the Yellowstone Grizzly. Brutus is an incredible ambassador for the species and, well, just a darn cool bear.

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Once the ad breaks, I can tell the whole story, put up a couple more images and some video (shot 22Gb of video!). I’ve spent 14yrs with grizzlies in the wild, had cubs under my tripod (the BTJ issue on our McNeil adventure gets mailed out this week) but this is the first time I could be literally nose to nose with one and have time to look them in the eye and see the soul behind them.  Being able to smell their breath, see all their teeth, feel their fur, what an experience. What they have been able to learn about wild griz biology by using Brutus is amazing and while I was supposed to be modeling, I was talking with Casey (Brutus’ owner/handler) learning a whole lot more about these magnificent beasts.  Being friends with Jeff and spending time with Brutus are some of the great rewards of this biz!

Photo captured by D3, 200VR on Lexar UDMA digital film

Family portrait by Jeff Cable