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on Jan 26, 2009 in Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

Great Weekend Treat goes on

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We had a killer day! We had seen 23 wolves, never got any glass on them but to see 23 wolves on the hills of Yellowstone was simply breathtaking! We weren’t shorted subjects to focus on thank goodness.

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Good thing we had Jake and his eyes along, he found these three rams in a unique place just outside Cooke City.

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It was snowing pretty good, big flakes coming down which made it a fun photo stop. The three rams had chosen a slope with pretty good snow cover in which to forage. They worked pretty hard to dig down to the brown grasses to forage. When one found a good patch, the other two ran to that spot and helped themselves. It was great fun to watch, even better to photograph.

Photos captured by D3, 600VR w/TC-17e on Lexar UDMA digital film