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on Jan 26, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts, Camera Tech, Great Stuff

Nikon D3 Pro Tech Guide / Firmware comment

D3_Olympic En_02.inddNikon quietly put out the D3 Pro Technical Guide pdf. It’s kinda of a IB made easy or as some have called it, D3 for Dummies. It does help clarify the AF system and provides ideas on its use as well as exposure. It’s free and might help you make the most of this great machine.

On another note, I’ve been shooting the new D3 firmware since it was posted and I did see better AF performance photographing dark subjects and in lower light levels. I didn’t see any increase in overall AF speed, but being able to use the 1.7e in over cast light with all AF sensors was a treat. I wasn’t able to do that before the firmware update.