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on Jan 29, 2009 in Great Stuff

Where'd I learn to edit video?


A year ago to create my first videos, I taught myself Adobe Premiere over xmas. Why Premiere, I’m on the Windows side and that’s the only program that would import my videos at that time. For 7 months I created none of my own videos (but was involved in the Kelby Training videos like my new one on Yellowstone Big Game). Then came this past fall and the Moose Cam, video production came back into the forefront at WRP. I needed to learn a whole lot more than just dropping a video clip into a timeline (and still need to learn more). It’s a whole new workflow that as I’ve mentioned, kicks my butt. I now have the Dell 6400 which makes that end of production so much easier (and bloody fast). I also have this incredible resource that’s available to all of you, Layers Magazine. RC & Corey are great teachers with a huge wealth of information! Everything from After Effects to Dreamweaver to Photoshop (yeah, you do video in Photoshop Extended).

I’ve had many an email asking for video lessons on the blog. I appreciate the compliment but I am NOwhere qualied or knowledgeable enough to take that on. I call RC nearly every evening from all over the planet seeking his help. I recommend you do the samething by heading to Layers, Layers TV, Layers Magazine or RC’s & Corey’s Kelby Training online classes (where I am right now actually) to learn from the experts.