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on Jan 29, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Workshop Score Card

Just what WRP workshops have openings? A common question, one that personally I can’t keep up on. Since getting back in the office, we’ve been flooded with this question so I thought I would post the current score card.

  • 05 Feb You Can Do It Too – 1 opening
  • 16 Feb FL Base Camp – 1 opening
  • 08 March HI DLWS – FULL
  • 16 April You Can Do It Too – 2 openings
  • 23 April Adorama presentation – no clue
  • 03 May Outer Banks DLWS – FULL
  • 18 May SD Base Camp – 2 openings
  • 20 Sept ME DLWS – 2 openings
  • 18 Oct MI DLWS – 4 openings
  • 15 Nov NY DLWS – FULL
  • Jan 2010 Yellowstone Adv – FULL

We will be announcing two fall Base Camps shortly and will have our dates for our 2010 Jan DLWS San Francisco dates posted soon as well. This will be a special DLWS where we’ll spend a day doing a “landscape” model shoot on the bay. If you’re interested in any of these, give the office a call 760.924.8632 (9-5PST). We do have waiting lists for full events and with life being what it is, folks do cancel. And somehow, Sharon squeezes in Private Tutoring so our eductional offereings just keep on giving. This is all linked just to the right here  under Moose Appearances if you need more info.