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on Feb 11, 2009 in Just Out!

Dell m4400 – big time portable power


I’ve had a HUGE response to my blog posting on the m6400 addition to my workflow. That sucker just rocks, it is a power house. In fact, you need a house to power it, no kidding. The power supply is the size and weight of a brick. It’s not a “portable” notebook when it comes to putting it you bag and heading to the back country. The power required to drive that computing power simply won’t work connected to my solar panels. Yet, I need the computing power while in the field. That’s why I went with the new m4400 from Dell.

With a base price of $1300, it was pretty much a no-brainer. Other than maxing out at 8Gb of ram (where the 6400 is 8GB), the m4400 does have the computing power to push through files from the D3x. It has the incredibly fast 300GB HD, 3.8processor, heck, it has everything including a web cam built into it. And, just tested it since we have sun, my solar panels can power it.

You might be wondering why I have two notebooks. The 6400 is my “presentation” notebook I teach with because with all its power, I can have a ton of things running and it never slows down. The 4400 is the one that is going to take the abuse of hitting the road. The majority of the time I travel with both but those times I need to go off road, I want to be prepared for it. Funny, just as I typed the phrase “going off road,” we had an earthquake. Is someone telling me something?