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on Feb 13, 2009 in Camera Tech

Getting in a Test mode – pt2

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It was a late night, had a pile of stuff to get through so the thought process was, well, a little slow. Here’s what I’ve processed in my own mind about the D3x so far.

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The D3x is not a knock around camera, not meant to just be slung on your shoulder and take grab shots here and there. It’s a serious machine! I’m still incredibly blown away by the detail I’m seeing on my monitors, detail you ain’t seeing here on the blog or in other images I’ve seen posted on the web.

In my way of thinking, if you’re going to have this machine, you’re wanting big ass files, if you want big ass files then you’re shooting at 14bit. You’re shooting at 14bit, you’re at 1.8fps. End of story. Now, what if you need 5fps and can get by with not as big ass files so you switch to 12bit? What I need to determine for myself is, does D3x 12bit blow away in a $8k way the 14bit D3 file? I don’t know that answer yet. I’m heading to FL tomorrow for Base Camp. I will find out that answer this next week. Stay tuned.

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My testing is just that, my own testing. It’s done real world, just what I normally shoot and how I shoot it. Nikon is infamous for not reporting everything that makes a camera special which is why I never do a review via published specs, I’ve been burnt doing that. So last night I ripped off 300 images and in the process of doing that (which you can see in the Moose Cam), I shot the incoming storm. I big part of this camera that I have to decide it, is the back end worth it all as well. The new m4400 did a great job pushing all the files through, using the Lexar UDMA reader to Capture NX2 and finally Photoshop CS4. I had both notebooks running, the m4400 on stills, the m6400 on video. Why, if I’m in our office am I working on the notebooks? Testing, I’ll be gone for 10 days working on the road. I must know all this works before I get on the plane. A lot more testing to do, thinking to think and images to view.

Here’s the Moose Cam for the rest of the evening.

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Photos captured by D3x 24-70AFS / 70-300VR on Lexar UDMA digital film

Moose Cam captured by HF10 on Lexar UDMA digital film