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on Feb 18, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

FL Base Camp day2 AM/PM cont

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The afternoon didn’t offer up just one species, but over a dozen great opportunities. I say our foks swapping out lexar cards a few times. That’s a good thing! This is a Forrester’s Tern that was busy taking advantage of the fish panic caused by the fishing pelicans.

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There was the always present, cooperative and comical Snowy Egrets. They provided some great portrait and flight photography.

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But the winner of the friendliest award is this Ruddy Turnstone that walked right up to every one of our lenses, right in order, and performed. It’s darn good fun to get down in the sand and play, and make great images at the same time! And yes, that’s a fly being flushed up by the turnstone.

Photos captured by D3, 70-300VR on Lexar UDMA digital film