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on Feb 26, 2009 in Camera Tech

Adorama – Moose – VisibleDust cleaning kit

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There’s a darn good reason why we’ve partnered with Adorama, here’s reason number 349254c. We receive hundreds of emails from folks asking about what they should get for cleaning their CCD, especially after the video. Trying to tell folks the different parts, providing links and the like just wasn’t cutting it. So, I talked with my good friend Jeff at Adorama and asked if we could create this kit. Not only did they create the kit, but YOU get a discounted kit price. Now that’s just sweet. The link on the Adorama Store site isn’t live yet, but you can contact Jeff Snyder at Adorama directly (which is what you should go anyways) and he’ll take care of you.

You might be wondering about the swabs. There are too many options there to put into the kit. But when you talk with Jeff, you just tell him your body and he’ll take care of the rest. This is so cool, one click and you’ve got the cleaning kit! CCDs celebrate!