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on Feb 27, 2009 in Just Out!, Wildlife Photography

Glacier Base Camp

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Hot dang, I get to go back! We use to haunt Glacier Nat’l Park back in the film days, lost count how many times we ventured there. Now we’re going back with digital and sharing this grand old lady with you. Wildlife Photographer’s Base Camp will be held in Glacier June 08-12, 2009. Based out of the St Mary’s Lodge (with a great room rate no less), we will all be quite inspired photographically. At the same time, we will go through what it is to be a successful editorial wildlife photographer, establishing and maintaining a business.

You can find out more info here about Base Camp. We’re also quite thrilled to have as a co-leader Jake Peterson. Besides certain personal biases, Jake’s knowledge of the area and photographic skills are a huge addition to the week. We have cut back the number of participants we’re taking on Base Camp now, down to just 8. We hope you’re one of them so we can inspire your photography and taking its message to an even wider audience!