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on Mar 12, 2009 in Landscape Photography


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We try to do something special the last shoot of each DLWS. We’d done the rainforest, rainbows, dramatic beaches and canyons so what was left? Fire! Paul is a fireknife dancer here on the island that lit up the night with amazing skill and athletic abilities. The folks at the restaurant not to mention the DLWS gang had one helluva show.

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McNally once again worked his magic with light. All of these images are lit with flash, I’ll defer to Joe’s napkin diagrams to explain his stragies. But Joe’s such a genious, he made it possible for everyone to shoot through his system by setting up a couple of banks of speedlights and having 4 SU-800s for foks to trigger them. Just that part of the shoot was cool for me.

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All of these are a one flash solution to the lighting. What Joe can do with just one light is simply amazing. Paul’s ability to perform with fireknives still has me shaking my head. He performed and modeled for 90min! He said his hands had so cramped up he couldn’t sign his name on the model release when he was done. It was a spectacular end to a spectacular week.

We want to extend a special thank you to the staff of the Kauai Hilton, our hosts for this event. Jaye & Jodi went beyond the extra mile!

Photos captured D3x, 200VR / 24-70AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film