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on Mar 19, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts

I Just Gotta Say Something

tr694I’ve been using a Tamrac 694 Roller forever for airline travel. I’m not using it for what it is designed to do by any stretch. Mine looks nothing like this photo. It has about 232,000 air miles and has been beaten within an inch of its life. The back handles smashed in, front pockets basically torn off, zippers still spinning on some baggage claim belt somewhere. Despite that, I’ve always trusted to it my most precious and fragile camera gear when I travel. It has never, never let me down!

Well my faithful companion on my last trip to FL had meet its final match, it appeared as if it had literally been ran over. All the contents were fine but the main zipper was blown out, one side broken down. It got me home but that was its last trip. It worked out to $.0002 an air mile so it was a no-brainer, I went out and bought a new one.

The old one was way out of warranty, used in ways it was not made for and it had been abused. But I thought, what the hey, I’ll send it to Tamrac and see if they can fix it, cool, if not they could dispose of it properly. Off it went with a letter saying how well it had served me, bought a new one and if they could help my old friend, I’d be grateful. We got back from HI DLWS, just 10 days after sending it out to find it here waiting for us. All rebuilt, new parts, pockets, wheels and zippers, good as new! That just floored me, that’s what I call service! And I’m just putting this out here because I don’t think enough good folks get a pat on the back when they do what is just simple ol good common customer service. Well done Tamrac!