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on Mar 20, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts

Epson 7900 – gorgeous technology

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I love printing, I have since the first click as a kid. It hasn’t changed with digital and in fact, probably increased. When the FedEx Freight truck pulled up in the drive today, I couldn’t wait for the door to open and see the new Epson 7900 inside (yeah, the printer comes on its own pallet). Luckily I have Jake home this week so the two of us unpackaged and carried the beast upstairs into the office. It was when I started to read the instructions we saw that Espon recommends 4 people for carrying the 7900. Guess that’s why my back’s tired tonight.

We set it up and removed all the tape in front of the slide files and the paradox made me want to take a snap. Looks like it was taken off the Star Trek set, man the photon torpedoes! It comes with enough ink to charge the system and a few prints, then you’ve got to buy a set, that ain’t cheap. But the first print came out and wow, didn’t know my images could look so good. The HDR technology really is outstanding. So now the challenge is to get this all figured out so I can teach our printing class at DLWS in May at Outer Banks. I guess I’d better order a second set of ink!