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on Mar 28, 2009 in Great Stuff

Art of Digital tip

The time in a tin can flying west, the mind starts to reflect, sort and make sense of all the sensory input of the last week. One that instantly hit home and still makes me chuckle comes from the one and only Jay Maisel. Jay’s presentation at the Art of Digital was great, comprised of the images he has taken since the last Photoshop World. There was some gorgeous images as only Jay can illustrate. Most are street life, folks going about their business on the streets of New York, Jay’s home town.

One of the photos was of a person cat napping, perhaps just closing their eyes from the bright sun. Jay, in his scratchy, presentation voice just made the comment when the image hit the screen, “If you’ve nervous about photographing people, just photograph them when they are a sleep.”

There’s words of wisdom there that go beyond the hilerious.