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on Mar 30, 2009 in Great Stuff

What the hell is a "Fuzzy Moose?"


Yeah, that’s what folks have been asking for the last week now. It’s all Mikie’s fault, or in a grander sence, Nikon’s. Looking through their Premiums Catalog, something only dealers have, you will find a Moose wearing a Nikon scarf. I was totally unaware such a thing exsisted until Photoshop World when Mikie showed up with them as give aways. I actually feel kinda honored by it, I mean, there’s no Joe McNally stuffed animal (isn’t that a funny though; what would that be, a stuffed SB-900 with arms, legs and a scarf?).

Well to say they are popular is an understatement. Forget selling photographs, we could retire on fuzzy moose sales, if we had them to sell. I stopped shaving for a few days, blew dried my hair but I guess a full size fuzzy moose doesn’t cut it. We are trying to obtain some of the real fuzzy moose for a give away at DLWS but there is no guarantee. In the meantime the one and only one I have might just pop up every so often. Since he is so popular, gotta give his public what they want. 🙂

Photo captured by D3, 45PC-E, SB-900 to the right on Lexar UDMA digital film