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on Mar 28, 2009 in Great Stuff

Art of Digital tip

The time in a tin can flying west, the mind starts to reflect, sort and make sense of all the sensory input of the last week. One that instantly hit home and still makes me chuckle comes from the one and only Jay Maisel. Jay’s presentation at the Art of Digital was great, comprised of the images he has taken since the last Photoshop World. There was some gorgeous images as only Jay can illustrate. Most are street life, folks going about their business on the streets of New York, Jay’s home town. One of the photos was of a person cat napping, perhaps just closing their eyes from the bright sun. Jay, in his scratchy, presentation voice just made the comment when the image hit the screen, “If you’ve nervous about photographing people, just photograph them when they are a sleep.” There’s words of wisdom there that go beyond the...

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on Mar 28, 2009 in Great Stuff

What a Photoshop World!

Another Photoshop World has come and gone, where did it go? Seriously, I just got off a plane and now I’m getting one it again. It was a great, great, great time!  Sharon & I just gotta thank the folks at NAPP, Scott, Dave, Kathy, Julie and all the black shirts for making it all run so smoothly, packed with so much fun. Sharon & I also want to thank especially all the folks who attended who make it all possible. Can’t wait for Vegas baby! The Napp Photo Safari is already planned, it’s going to be great! Part of what makes PSW so great is the facalty. Being able to share with your peers techniques, troubles and experiences is priceless. Last night Sharon & I went to dinner with our longtime friend and fellow Art of Digital hero  Joe Glyda. Joe knew of a killer Italian restuarant in the North End, Dolce Vita. Wow, what great food, what great atmosphere, what great company! What a great finish to...

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on Mar 27, 2009 in Great Stuff

Fuzzy Moose rumor

I’ve received a number of emails from folks attending Photoshop World with very kind words. I want thank all who take the time to write because that’s why we’re here, to meet and help other photographers. On the first day of Photoshop World I did a presentation at the Nikon Theater that seems to have been a big hit. At that presentation, Nikon gave me five fuzzy moose that are wearing a Nikon scarf. These were all give away at that presentation to folks who answered the right question. Well, the word got out that Moose had fuzzy mooses to give away. I’ve been assulated in the halls, stalked in the bathroom, all to get one of these now highly prized fuzzy moose (no one seems to want the real thing). Dear dearing public, I ain’t got anymore! Nikon made them and are the keepers of them. Rumor has it we’ll have a couple at DLWS but you know how Nikon rumors go. I appreciate the love, but I’d...

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on Mar 26, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

What happened to the blog?

Hi guys! I’m using the blog to send out a mass email. My mailbox is filling up with folks asking what’s up with the blog, I’m not posting twice aday. I’m at Photoshop World and besides having lots of fun, I’m talking, teaching and learning alot and all of it in the confines of a convention center. While it is incredibly inspiring and full of energy, it’s just not photographic. And carrying around a camera along with notebooks and everything else just ain’t workin. So, the blog won’t be the same this week. I will make it up to you though :) Thanks for your support and for dropping...

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on Mar 25, 2009 in Just Out!

PSW Kicked off with Hot News!

This movie requires Flash Player 9 Photoshop World started today and the day is already over. Where in the hell did it go? Yeah, it’s that much fun and the folks, well they are simply the best. The keynote was a lot of fun, great laughs with solid information. I’m blogging from, …. where in the heck am I? No clue, I’m in the hall somewhere. You can follow the fun on the Photoshop World website better than I since I don’t even know where I am. But I am having fun! This movie requires Flash Player 9 I am excited to be released from my NDA and can now talk about the new Intious 4 from Wacom. This is so hot, Wacom has a whole room where you can sit down, drive it and see for yourself all that it can do for your photography. If you’re at Photoshop World, you gotta check it out! Well, I’ve got to get off, head to the parties (someone’s gotta do...

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