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on Apr 13, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Time to comb the bushes

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It’s time for nesting in some regions of  North America. I’ve always enjoyed photographing nesting  birds. The tools are available for you to be able to do it safely. First, you might want to read this paper that’s up on our website on photographing nesting birds. I cannot recommend enough A Guide to Nests, Eggs and Nestlings which clues you in on so many basic biology facts you’re an instant expert. And lastly, just think things through are you’ll do alright. Right now is a good time just to go out and look in shrubs before they are all leafed out for nests from last year. Finding old ones makes it easier and trains your eyes for new ones.

The is a Western Wood Pewee nest, one of our local nesting bird species. They are tenacius little birds and increbly active so they don’t have as much down time as other nesting birds. I’m hoping to find a good nest to photograph this season so I can create a lighting video for nesting birds. This nest had this shaft of light that would hit it so I didn’t use flash. That is not the norm which is whey I went all natural. This also gave me the shutter speed to blur the chicks head as it grabs the food from mom. I’ll work to improve it this year.