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on Apr 16, 2009 in Great Stuff

A Heckuva Invite

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The phone rang Tuesday afternoon, it was my good friend and aviation mentor Richard calling. He wanted to know if I could join him and 3 other shooters Wed on the flight line in NV. That was easy to answer, heck ya! The paint color scheme might give where am I away to movie buffs. This is the flight line for the Topgun School. But wait, there’s more….

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You can see just how lovely the weather grew as we were nexted taken over to the flight wing heading out shortly to the USS Nimitz. But wait, there’s more….

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We ended up in what felt like a blizzard with the Helos that go with the flight wind to the Nimitz. It was a great day with really nice guys with the bestest hosts on the planet, the US Navy. I’ve got a lot more images to share, stories to tell and even a MooseCam but I’m just too bushed to get it all assembled tonight. I gotta thank Richard for once again taking such good care of me, thank the Navy for what they do and get back to editing images.

Photos caputred by D3, 70-300VR / 14-24AFS on Lexary UDMA digital film