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on Apr 20, 2009 in Just Out!

Topgun School – NAS Fallon

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Last Wednesday I had an amazing day as the guest of the Navy at  NAS Fallon and my good friend Richard. At 08:30 we meet at the front gate, were escorted in and until 15:00 the guests of our men & women in uniform. There were really no restrictions to our shooting other than no shooting in hangers and no photos of any open panels on a plane and no shooting down the nose of one particular aircraft. Otherwise, we had run of the entire flight line. The personal of the Navy besides being very passionate about what they do and their planes, couldn’t have been anymore helpful. From the Topgun Flight School to the AirWing soon to be deployed to the Nimitz, we were provided every opportunity.

It even went to far as one of the chiefs wanting to know if we wanted to photography the squadron CAD that was in the hanger. We said sure enough he opened the doors to the hanger and let us in. Of course we gave each other a quizzical look since supposedly we were to shoot in the hangers, but in we went with their blessing. He couldn’t have been prouder of his plane, so he was one of the portraits I made sure was taken, with his plane.

Here’s a Gallery of images that I took. The vast majority were taken with the 70-300VR which gave me the ability to reach out and not get in the way. It was all very new to me and while I like some images, I’m dissapointed in others. Would have like working with the distorting factor of the plane exhaust more. Should have laid down and shot up more. Should have used a flash outdoors and taken more portraits. I like the shot above because for some reason it reminds me a curtsey, a little humor in an otherwise series affair. All of this went into my notes for next time and there will be another next time.

I have a little MooseCam action here for you. It was a challenge to shoot the MooseCam with the restrictions on where I could point it, the snow, wind and jet wash noise. A lot simply couldn’t be inserted but hope it brings a little of the day to you.

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