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on Apr 23, 2009 in Great Stuff, Landscape Photography

You Gotta Love the Big Apple

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The Flatiron Bldg has always fascinated me. Not only its three sided design, but the way NYC life flows around it. In the perfect world I would set up the camera on the tripod right in the middle of 23rd stopping traffic and use the old neutral density filter trick to blur the life flowing around the building. As you might guess, stopping traffic off 5th is kinda frowned on. So, how to get the shot?

Sharon and I took a long walk prior to our Adorama presentation (great audience, thanks one and all for coming!) and ended up at the tables in front of Flatiron. I sat there and took a couple of snaps even though the range of light between the shadows and highlights (side of the bldg and clouds) was 8+stops. It then occurred to me that my HDR technique would not only compact the light but if I did it right, might with the multiple exposures blur the folks walking showing the flow of life. So, shooting with no tripod, I ripped off 5 frame bursts. As you can see here in this small gallery, I only, kinda got close. The image above is my favorite. But it’s a possible solution to the problem I’ve got to explore more in the future, like tomorrow during our Adorama / Central Park shoot. It’s going to be fun, hope to produce enough images to create a special blog treat. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Photos captured by D3, 28f1.4 on Lexar UDMA digital film