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on Apr 25, 2009 in Landscape Photography

Central Park Celebration

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Ah, yesterday was simply a great day! Sharon & I were hosted by Adorama & Nikon to lead a shoot in Central Park with 20 really nice shooters. It was nothing short of a really marvelous day, thanks to all who joined us. The morning shooting started off a little slow but as the day unfolded and especially after lunch at Tavern on the Green, the photography was just marvelous. This was the first time Sharon & I walked Central Park and we simply enjoyed every moment of it.I shot everything from 14-24AFS to 200f2 which includes the 24PC-E for some miniature work. It was great!

The photo above was taken at highnoon with the light at its nastiest and was part of the 1 flash demo we did using Jim (who was a really good sport). Jim enjoys his cigars so it was that smoke that made him the perfect model. The final shot you see here was taken using FPSync, 1/4000 at f/5.6 so to blow out the DOF and the distracting background. The SB-900 had a 81a gel in the filter holder and was shot through a -1 stop Trigrip. it couldn’t have been easier.

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Here’s another favorite from the day, Belvedere Castle. Had to hang out over the edge to make the shot. Love the fun!

I wanted the folks who joined us to see what I shot during the day so I created this slideshow of 73 images. Since you happen to be out there as well, you can take a gander. Enjoy!

Pages are in the process of being updated. In the meantime you can watch our videos on our YouTube Channel as well as all Videos are available on iTunes as Podcasts!

Thanks to Adorama: Jeff, Harry & Monica and Nikon: Mike & Chris and all the participants for making it all happen!