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on May 2, 2009 in Landscape Photography

Outer Banks we trek

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We continued our scouting today while at the same time trying to make a click or two. We headed up to Currituck Lighthouse, a beautiful yet difficult lighthouse to shoot. Adding to the location challenges was the lighting. We were there at the wrong time of day. Yet, we had great clouds, but couldn’t match them up with the lighthouse or direction of light. So I decided to see if I remembered how to make an old time photo. I kinda blew out some cloud detail while holding back other in the camera. I then processed in NX2 making the red of the lighthouse (it’s all unpainted brick) redder then comfortable in color. Then in PS, I used Silver Efex Pro to finish the image. I’m not sure I like the final image, happy my old mind remembered for the most part how to do it.

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This is much more to my liking. We just had to get in the right spot for the clouds and then let the lighthouse go silhouette. No-brainer photography, my speed!

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Then the afternoon finished up the way it started. The clouds were killer but after driving first here and then there, we couldn’t find anything to put with them. I hate wasting good clouds. So we parked and walked on the beach hoping for something. Nothing! I shot through this fence in the foreground, used Silver Efex Pro and then Color Efex’s darken/lighten center and Split Grad to do what….not really sure. So, 1 out of 3 images for the day I like, I can live with that.

Photos captured by D3, 45PC-E & 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film