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on May 4, 2009 in Landscape Photography


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DLWS Outer Banks (OBX) started hot and heavy today at Currituck Lighthouse. This is a cool lighthouse built very untypically, pretty far inland and is unpainted brick. It’s a neat lighthouse and with the success I had the other day, I decide to stay on the track and shoot off in the distance to include the trees surrounding it.  I started by shooting underexposing -2 to make sure the scene was looking nightish because I knew I would be adding the light beam (yes, that was done in PS). That underexposure created noise which was easy to deal with using Dfine so the rest was a cake walk.

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Then we had the briefest touch of color which I exploited in NX2 and then finished in PS by adding the beam. What’s a lighthouse without a light, just a house!

Photos captured by D3, 24-20AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film