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on May 14, 2009 in Random Thoughts

Video Viewing

We want to thank all you  fans of our MooseCams and videos. We understand that watching the videos here on the blog can be at times frustrating for folks. The video pauses, spinning thingie appears and my beautiful voice and killer grammar and tips go on hold. We truly appreciate folks wanting to see and hear the videos and understand there is this issue for some. If the videos weren’t watched so much by so many, pushing the videos through the pipeline to your computer would be easier (140000 views in just a couple of months). Many emails arrive asking what can WRP do to make the viewing more seamless for you.

This free content comes at a price to you the viewer, I want to maintain a certain level of quality.  That quality makes the videos larger than what you find on uTube. You have a couple of options, view at off peak hours, let the whole episode load before viewing, faster internet or the podcasts (which go up the same time as the video on the blog). Hope one of these options helps those who have the viewing problems.