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on May 16, 2009 in Random Thoughts

The Poll reveals…


I want to thank all who made the click and took the poll posted a month ago. 4632 of you clicked and it was ~very~ interesting to me to see the results. I did the poll because to be honest with you, looking at the stats prior to and after the poll, I can’t tell why folks come to the blog. While 36% of you indicated Wildlife Photography, the MooseCams centering on wildlife have less viewership than boring ones like Packing da Bag which falls under the General Photography in which 26% of you say why you come to the blog. Now why is any of this important?

You probably noticed that I’m giving away all this content, the knowledge I’ve had to gain and the pain I’ve paid for is here and on the website free of charge. I have no problem with that obviously because I keep doing it (I’m not quick to learn somethings). On the other hand there is this time thing and time is getting more and more precious, less and less coming my way to do what I need and want to do with my photography.

I was hoping the poll would help me make the most of the time I put into the material I present here on the blog. I’m still uncertain on that account. The reason for this blog posting, like most, because I receive emails asking why I took the poll. Now you know the rest of the story.