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on May 28, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts, Camera Tech

Nikon’s Best Kept Secret

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What lens took this photo of the Thunderbirds screaming by? It is probably the last one you would think of, it is Nikon’s best kept secret…until now!

Why do we do these videos? Sometimes I ask myself that question when I read the silly things forum posters post. But the answer is really simple, to help those with open minds seeking help. I receive hundreds of emails each week, folks asking what I use, what I recommend and the only answer I can provide is those lenses I like (yeah, I like the lenses I’ve bought, go figure) and own. This advice is free and you all know what they say about free advice. I leave it up to you, the photographer to THINK it through what works for you and your photography and decide if the info here works for you or not. I know they work for me, they create the images that permit me ot making a living from my images, that’s why I own them.