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on Jun 2, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

But the guys rule

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Like I said, find the females and you’ll find the males. They not only have the color, they are the performers so in spring they are the ones to focus in on. This is a Red-winged Blackbird and if you look at the perch, you’ll see just how closely it’s on the tail of that female.

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The male Pyrrhuloxia is never more than a heartbeat behind the female. But they are a little shy and tend to never go for food or water when the female is around. They’re on the job all the time until the eggs are laid. It is pretty funny to watch the male react to every move of the female, as if he doesn’t have a life.

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But the prize for finding the female Painted Bunting is the stunning male. You probably recognize this bird if you own a copy to the Nat’l Geographic Bird ID book as it’s on the cover. What most folks don’t realize is the male is really, really small! How small you ask, take a gander at your index finger, it’s that small. It’s why when I took this photo I didn’t use the 1.7x. I wanted its small size to come through in the photo.

So while we don’t want to forget the females so oh so many reasons, but the males still rule 🙂

Photos captured by D3x, 600VR w/TC-17e on Lexar UDMA digital film