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on Jun 3, 2009 in Just Out!

Always fun to find something new

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I’m working on a new project with my bud RC. Part of the project was trying out this new company that RC just loves, APC, Artistic Photo Canvas. I sent off a file using their very simple and slick upload and went off to TX to shoot for a week. While I was gone a 30×24 print, canvas print was delivered back at the office. I popped that puppy open and was simply awed but what I saw. Yeah, I like the image but more to the point, I really loved the amazing quality of the print.

To be honest with you, I’ve never been a canvas fan. The “test” file I sent APC I knew would push that feeling because canvas has a texture look that is unique. The quality of the work by APC jsut set me back so much so, I instantly sent them the image you see above. The upload no sooner finished than I had an email confirming the files recipt and how they looked forward to the challenge of making the print I would love. RC passed along the idea to me, I’m passing it along to you. Check them out, your prints will be happy you did!

And the story behind the photo, well, you’ll find that here.