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on Jun 4, 2009 in Moose's Heroes

Michael Forsberg


When I began as a photographer, 
I was taking pictures mostly for myself.

When we had children my mindset 
changed, and now I do the work mostly 
for them. Because I don’t want my kids
or anyone else’s to grow up one day
and only be able to appreciate the
wonders of nature in a museum or
read about it in a book or see it in a zoo.


I feel we are blessed to be
stewards of this planet, but in many
cases we have forgotten that with this
privilege comes responsibility.

Photography can be a powerful
witness to our short-comings, but
also to show that beauty and hope still
exists in the natural world. It can
help communicate to people why
something matters.


Conservation photography is an active 
and powerful tool to begin this process, 
to start the conversation, to call for action.

Time is short.

– Michael Forsberg