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on Jun 4, 2009 in Moose's Heroes

Vince Lamb

Vince Lamb, a nature photographer who lives in Merritt Island, Florida, provided landscape and wildlife photos to build support for the purchases of two conservation land properties near the Indian River Lagoon – totaling more than 1800 acres.  Slideshows with these photos were shown at County Commission meetings where the purchases were approved unanimously.

Following Moose Peterson’s recommendation to work with biologists, Vince has established relationships with some exceptional biologists.  Vince was invited to work on an experimental translocation project for families of Florida Scrub-jays, a species listed as Threatened on the federal Endangered Species List.  His photos from this project are being used to create public awareness of this project.
Another biologist invited Vince to photograph Red-cockaded Woodpeckers to capture activities performed at a Florida State Park under a recovery plan for this endangered species.  Photos were taken to record band information when these woodpeckers return to their nest cavities in old growth pines.  Other photos have been taken of nest checking.  Banding of young chicks will be captured in digital images very soon.
Working with conervation land managers can also provide exceptional opportunitiesm for nature and wildlife photography,  The attached prescribed burn photo attempts to capture the intense heat of this vital land management activity.