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on Jun 5, 2009 in Great Stuff

Rick Sammon's Exploring the Light

rsbI’m hear playing catch up with the mail, before I hit the road again and which is why I have to play catch up, from the last road trip. My good drinkin bud Rick Sammon sent me a copy of his new book (Sept ’08) after a comment I made on Twitter. Rick has quite a following and it doesn’t take turning many pages of his book to understand why.

The one thing that struck me when I started reading it is a question I’ve often asked, “Is there a person out there who talks Canon like you talk Nikon?” While Rick talks the universal photographic language of light in his book, he is a Canon shooter and the book has a Canon slant. For those Canon folks out there, I would think this a great resource for you. See for youself right here. One thing is for sure, Rick’s humor more than comes out in his writing. But where are the red tennis shoes?