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on Jun 16, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Old Haunts can pay off

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One of my great rewards is to have our son Jake get involved in the the “family” business. Shooting with him is great fun, even more fun is sharing some of my old haunts with him. While he lives in MT now, there are still some portions of the state I know a trick or two.

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Dodging the thunderstorm showers, we went out to work the many bird species right out the door. On a section of the Bitterroot River that has always produced in the spring, we photographed a Osprey nest. There is a “rule” in bird photography, don’t shoot against a gray sky. In the upper image, you can see why. The exposure just don’t fly, pun intended. The problem is the solid slat gray sky with no change in the tone. The bottom photo is a little better because there is a slight variance in the gray. Of course, when you’re working a bird in flight and you get a sharp image, you tend to ignore such details. In the game of making the image, background is everything, even the sky.

Photos captured by D3x, 600VR w/TC-17e on Lexar UDMA digital film