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on Jun 23, 2009 in Accessories

Nikon drop-in Polarizer

For the 600f4/200-400VR & 200f2VR

The polarizer is an important tool in my communication. When, when the light permits it and the subject requires it, I will use the drop-in polarizer in my telephoto lenses. The 600f4 / 200-400VR take the Nikon CPL1L drop-in polarizer. The 200f2VR only accepts the Nikon CPL3L.

These polarizers drop into the drop-in filter slot. There is a thumb wheel on the outside of the filter that permits you to rotate the filter once it is inserted in the lens. Be sure to insert the filter the right direction which is indicated on the filter.

These filters come in a huge, oversized plastic case assuring you receive it perfectly but which makes carrying them in the field painful at best. I have a couple of old, Tiffen 39mm soft filter cases that I use to transport the polarizer in my camera bag and pocket. I have one polarizer per case, wrapping the polarizer in a lens cleaning cloth and than inserting that into the case. Whenever I head out with a lens that might use one of these polarizers, I have the polarizer in my pocket.