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on Jun 23, 2009 in Great Stuff

The Moose Cam at PRS

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Then there was the Moose Cam experiment at PRS. I mounted like normal the Canon HS10 atop the hot shoe of the D3 which was attached to the Nikon 500VR lens (a great lens Nikon loans out at the school). You might be thinking that panning with this rig impossible. Na, but it does get heavy as you’ll see as I constantly put it down between laps. While I did capture some sharp images, it was way below average. The video camera acted like a big sail in the ever increasing breeze to the point where I wasn’t getting anything sharp.

So the outcome is, I only have Moose Cam from the Sports and Formula 1 rounds. While not my favorite planes, they rip around the course doing 450mph and pulling up to 4G in the curves. Photographically, using the D3 with AAA and the buffer upgrade is the ONLY way to work the races. As you’ll hear, I do like to rip that shutter and the D3 makes it so darn easy. I’m working on a better system for the races in Sept, but in the meantime turn up the sound and prepare to get sucked into pylon photography. Enjoy!

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Photo captured by D3, 500VR on Lexar UDMA digital film