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on Jun 25, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts, Great Stuff

Hoodman Hoodcap

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While at the Reno Air Race PRS, I ran into a problem that I needed to find a solution to. The problem, sunblock ALL over the LCD creating an oil slick that should be reported to the EPA. Cleaning it became a pain because it just kept smearing and smearing, not really getting clean. After the fact I remembered something Hoodman has sent me, the Hoodman Hoodcap. It’s like retro digital man, the days of the D1 but oh, does it solve the problem! How do I know? I smeared sunblock on my face and took the LCD cover for a test greasing. The Hoodcap got greasy and it was then easily degreased. I now have a couple in my photopack for just such occassions.