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on Jun 26, 2009 in Just Out!, Yellowstone Life

Some Like it Hot

slihWe were in my favorite bookstore in Missoula last week and came across this new release, Some Like it Hot!. Some of you will recognize the cover, some won’t. It’s the thermals in Yellowstone and this marvelous book by Susan Neider celebrates them beautifully. As a fellow photographer who often gets lost in photographing these amazing patterns, textures and colors of the thermals, I truly appreciate what Susan has brought to light in her book.

I bring it to your attention because many of you are heading to Yellowstone this summer. There are times when the light is hard or the crowds just too much to bare for the big pictures. You might want to pick up a copy of this inspiration for photographing the little things that make Yellowstone unique. Just like the title suggest, some like it hot!