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on Jun 26, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

There is nothing common about common

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I was pulling images for a book project on mammals and rummaging through my Columbian Ground Squirrel files and came across this oldie but goodie. Looking through the list of speices I was pulling for the book, they were all “common” species that you would find at a picnic area or pullout along the road. Nothing exoctic, nothing hard to photograph, no technical challenge or requiring long glass. Basic dirt common species that for whatever reason, other photographers chose to just not shoot. Why is that?

This little guy had his home right outside a condo we were staying at in Canada a number of years back. All I did for the photo is open the window and shoot out, didn’t even have to leave the condo to make the click. And for all that effort, I’ll have a nice pay day when it’s added to all the other “common” species I’m sending. And while it’s a common species, the photo isn’t. Being a picket, mouth open and calling with the light nicely bouncing around takes the common and make it shine. So while getting the common critter in the viewfinder might be simple, the challenge for you the photographer is making something out of nothing you could say. Because when you get paid for shooting the common, there is nothing common about common.

Photo captured by D1, 600f4AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film